Ferguson: National Guard Troops Doubled To Prevent More Rioting

Ferguson will have 2,200 National Guard troops on the ground to help prevent rioting, looting, and more fires tonight. Missouri Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson said there were about 700 National Guard troops in the St. Louis suburb last evening, as the Ferguson decision was announced to the public.

Darren Wilson consented to an interview with ABC News earlier today and said that while he feels badly about the death of Michael Brown, he could not have done anything differently.

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Despite claims of racism and racial profiling, the Ferguson police officer said the scenario would not have unfolded any differently if Michael Brown had been white or Mexican.

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Captain Ron Johnson said that he had spoken with many Ferguson residents and business owners today and they stated they were “just heartbroken” over what happened in their community. “Last night you did not see our faces and hear our voices, we were heartbroken about what was happening in Ferguson as well.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, at least 12 businesses were burnt to the ground during the Ferguson riots. Those same businesses were reportedly subject to looking during the first days of the Michael Brown shooting protests in August. Firefighters were forced to worry about being hit by the 150 bullets reportedly fired by protesters as they attempted to curtail the blazes roaring in the town. The St. Louis County Police chief detailed the safety protocols which were followed in order to secure the fire scenes and protect the first responders tasked with extinguishing the fires.

Neither police officials agreed that the law enforcement tactics used to thwart rioting in Ferguson had failed, when the question was posed by reporters at a Tuesday evening press conference. The DeAndre Joshua fatal shooting has been widely reported at the first Ferguson riot fatality. The police officials stated during the meeting with the meeting that it is currently unclear if Joshua’s death is related to the looting and rioting. The body of DeAndre Joshua, 20, was found with a gunshot wound inside his car not far from where the Michael Brown shooting had occurred. The majority of arrests made during the Ferguson riots on Monday evening were from the Ferguson area.

Do you think the Ferguson riots will continue tonight?

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