Unexplained 'Explosion' Heard By Several Hundred People In Manchester, U.K.

Aaron Homer

Residents of the English city of Manchester and a few of its suburbs heard a loud explosion late Monday night and Manchester fire officials spent an hour looking for the source of the bang, but found nothing, Manchester Evening News is reporting.

At about 10:30 p.m. Monday, Manchester time (5:30 P.M. EST), several hundred people began taking to social media to report a loud explosion, according to BBC.

— Shinydan Howell (@shinydan) November 24, 2014

— Francis Jenkins (@RF_Jenkins) November 24, 2014

Since the source of the Manchester explosion remains unknown as of this post, the Manchester Evening News invited readers to submit their own theories. Some of those theories are rather, well, odd -- to say the least.

One reader suggested extraterrestrial spacecraft, covered up by the British government.

"UFOs. The same bangs were heard across Arizona a few years ago, believed to be spacecraft crashing. If it was our own Roswell, expect top secrecy. Thus no reports of anything."
"Probably a small meteorite burning up and exploding as it passed through the atmosphere. The bang is the sonic boom produced by these things since they move faster than the speed of sound, and the vapour in the photograph is the debris trail it left as it exploded. Scary, but not a conspiracy!"
"Chances are it's just some clowns with a bin bag, car fuse and a mix of Oxy Acetylene. They produce a very deep and extremely loud explosion. There are numerous videos of stupid people using these on YouTube. I believe some use water containers from the office dispensers and should imagine these would produce a very large boom."

[Image via Twitter: James Duffy]