Ringling Brothers Pays $270,000 Fine After Appalling Treatment Of Animals

The Ringling Brothers circus has paid an animal mistreatment fine of $270,00 after many of their shows animals were found to be living and transported in squaller.

While the circus did not admit any wrong doing Federal inspectors found that the company’s animals were living in conditions that did not meet federal guidelines.

In one instance an elephant was forced to perform while sick, while other elephants’ faces were cut open by sharp edges found inside their transport trailers.

Investigators also found that the circus’ big cats were living in rusty cages with splintered floors.

In perhaps one of the most appalling acts of animal mistreatment food was delivered to Tigers in the same wheelbarrows used to haul their excrement.

The fine levied against Ringling Brothers is the largest ever assessed against an exhibitor of animals and the USDA has promised to make sure that the company takes all necessary steps to protect their animals under the Animal Welfare Act.

Along with their penalty Ringling officials will now perform annual compliance training for all employees. The circus described the fee simply as the “cost of doing business.”

Do you think $270,000 was a large enough fine given the size of the circus and the severity of their offenses?

[Image via ShutterStock.com]