‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Schedule: When Do The Final 2 Episodes Air On FX?

Only two episodes of Sons of Anarchy remain in the series and fans are anxious to embrace every final minute. Unfortunately, antsy viewers will have to wait another week before they get a new episode. Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, there is no new episode airing on FX on Tuesday, November 25.

Sons of Anarchy spoilers via the show’s Facebook page have confirmed that the final two episodes of the series will air on December 2 and December 9. The episode titles have been revealed, with “Red Rose” coming next and “Papa’s Goods” airing as the series finale.

Jax will face making a major decision in the Season 7, Episode 12 show. Of course there will be plenty of storyline, tackling both the reveal that Gemma murdered Tara and the fact that Jax killed Jury White. Many suspect, based on leaked photos from the remaining episodes, that Jax will vacate his role as president of SAMCRO. Will it be his choice or the club’s decision?

TV Guide teases the Sons of Anarchy spoiler that “Jax aims to fulfill his father’s legacy in the series finale.” Though this season has not included Jax writing in his journals, there have been references to his father’s work and some suspect that these come up again through Gemma in the next episode. Given what a core component of the show JT’s beliefs and journals have been, it certainly makes sense that it comes back into the forefront during the finale in some way.

While viewers have to wait a bit yet to see just how Kurt Sutter decided to end the series, there have been some teases. Theo Rossi, who plays Juice Ortiz, chatted with the Today crew and shared a tantalizing but vague Sons of Anarchy spoiler tidbit. He noted that even if he did tell everybody what happens in the finale, they wouldn’t believe him because it is just that unbelievable.

SOA fans are still worried about whether Juice will survive in the end, though it’s not looking good. There have been plenty of signs seemingly pointing toward the character’s death coming soon, possibly with Tully doing the deed or being involved. Buffy star Charisma Carpenter will show up at some point in these final two episodes as an administrative director of a medical facility. Who ends up at the facility? Nobody is dishing out the goods on that front yet.

There are many theories floating around about how Sons of Anarchy will end, but chances are that none of them are quite right. The show’s creator and writer Kurt Sutter thrives on being unpredictable with his SAMCRO characters and he knows the expectations for the finale are high.

Though fans are disappointed that there is no new Sons of Anarchy episode airing on November 25, they are already counting down to the final two SOA shows airing on December 2 and 9 to see just how it all ends for Jax, Gemma, Juice and the rest of SAMCRO.

[Image via Byron Cohen/FX]