Federal Government Seizes 150 Websites That Deal In Counterfeit Goods

The U.S. Federal Government has seized 150 domains belonging to online counterfeit sellers in the United States.

Domain names seized by the government included websites that were known to sell pirated and counterfeit items that included DVDs, golf equipment, professional sports jerseys and other items of value.

Speaking to NPR one official revealed:

“For most, the holidays represent a season of good will and giving, but for these criminals, it’s the season to lure in unsuspecting holiday shoppers.”

While some shoppers may realize that their purchasing fake good online the Federal official notes that may people may not realizing that they are in fact purchasing counterfeit goods.

The crack down on the websites comes at a time when the government is attempting to lower the unemployment rate, by eliminate cheap foreign knock offs of major brands the Feds hope to keep jobs in America.

Counterfeit goods are also known to damage a brands reputation by devaluing a brands products through cheap knockoffs that oftentimes do not last as long as their better made counterparts.

Officials also worry that counterfeit goods were going to help organized crime rings by providing capital to fund their operations.

Website owners who have had their properties seized have 60 days to challenge the governments takeover however officials state that in almost every case the seized domains become the permanent property of the U.S. Government due to their illegal activities.

Have you ever purchased a product online only to discover that what you ordered was a cheap knock off?