Glass Keyboard and Multitouch Trackpad Listed On Kickstarter

The next big project on fund raising website Kickstarter may have recently been posted, Product Design has introduced a glass keyboard and matching glass trackpad that features touch capabilities on a sleek design.

Both the keyboard and trackpad were built using tempered glass panes and are attached to solid metal bases, allowing them to sense touch input on the glass without the need for moving parts.

If the project comes to fruition users will be able to choose between tactile sounds and lights while the included software will be offered as an open source option to allow for full custom configuration.

Along with the technologies mentioned above the company also promises to utilize frustrated total internal reflection (FTIR) which uses infrared light to detect finger positioning, thus offering a more pinpointed keyboard feedback experience. FTIR is used on everything from automatic windshield wipers and rain sensors to fingerprint scanners.

With more than $14,000 already raised the team at Product Design is inching towards their $50,000 goal which they need to reach by January 1.

Pledging $150 dollars will provide a trackpad while $250 donations will receive a keyboard and $350 bids will provide Kickstarters with both options.

I can see this keyboard and trackpad combination working well in modernized homes.

Would you be willing to spend $350 for the chance to use touchpad technology with your computer?

Glass Trackpage with MultiTouch