Who Is Carly Waddell Of ABC's 'The Bachelor 2015' With Chris Soules?

Stacy Carey

Chris Soules is looking for love on ABC's The Bachelor 2015 this coming season and fans are starting to sort through the bachelorettes vying for his attention. It would appear that one of this season's ladies may be from a family familiar to "Bachelor Nation" fans. It seems that Carly Waddell, sister of The Bachelorette contestant Zak Waddell, may be participating in season 19.

The Bachelor spoiler fans at the Bach and Bachette Fans forum pieced together the apparent connection between the gal shown in the promo and Zak. A recent spoiler preview shown during the American Music Awards broadcast finally showcased some of Chris Soules' bachelorettes for this season. Many caught a gal singing into a microphone, mentioned by Reality Steve's spoilers as Carly, and started to do some digging. It would appear that this Carly is Zak's sister, who was seen during Desiree Hartsock's season of The Bachelorette.

Fans may remember Desiree and Zak's sister Carly chatting during his hometown date during The Bachelorette. Carly was a bit skeptical of it all and she pushed Hartsock a bit on how Des really felt about Zak. Carly also sang with the family during the date.

Waddell doesn't just sing at home with her family or to impress her brother Zak's dates. Her YouTube channel shows videos with several other notable performances. Carly's LinkedIn page notes that she lives in the Dallas area and she lists herself as an "Independent Entertainment Professional."

According to the long-time The Bachelor spoiler fans on the fan forum, Carly is believed to have auditioned for Juan Pablo Galavis' season. Clearly she wasn't cast in the final group of bachelorettes, but the producers must have liked her well enough to keep her in the mix of possibilities and then bring her back into the process for Soules' season if these casting spoilers pan out to be acurate.

It's not uncommon for people with connections to former The Bachelor or The Bachelorette contestants to later do the show themselves. For example, it's known that contestant Whitney Bischoff has some kind of connection to former The Bachelor and Bachelor Pad contestant Jaclyn Swartz. There have been a number of other personal connections among the franchise's contestants off-screen as well, but having a former contestant's sibling do the show is definitely something new and different.

How long will Carly last on season 19 with Chris, if indeed these The Bachelor spoilers regarding her participation are correct? That much hasn't been spoiled quite yet, so fans will have to stay tuned to learn more about Waddell and how prominent she is this season on the show. Tune in to ABC's The Bachelor 2015 starring Chris Soules, Carly Waddell and the rest when season 19 premieres on Monday, January 5.

[Image via Carly Waddell's Facebook]