Occupy LA Prepares To File Legal Complaint, Hopes To Avoid Eviction

Members of the Occupy Los Angeles movement on Monday said they would file a federal injunction in the hopes of stopping the movements eviction from a patch of grass located directly outside of Los Angeles City Hall.

In response to the groups actions the city of Los Angeles said they will file three declaration that oppose Occupy’s restraining order.

According to Occupy LA their complaint will focus on various other exceptions city leaders have made to an anti-camping provision. For example the city once allowed 500 “Twilight” fans to camp out for “for several days to be first in line for the midnight showing of the first ‘Twilight’ sequel.”

Leaders of the cities movement also say City Council members already passed a resolution to approve the camp-out and that aides to Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa personally told Occupy protesters that they were welcomed to stay on the patch of land.

In the meantime Villaraigosa said in an interview with KTLA-TV:

“We will enforce the park closure,” and “We thought talking through this was the best way to proceed and we’ve done that. But it’s become crystal clear … that it wasn’t sustainable to be there indefinitely.”

However Villaraigosa added:

“My hope is that we will be able to conclude this chapter peacefully.”

Do you think the protesters for Occupy Los Angeles should move on their way or stand up for their rights to protest outside of City Hall given other camping rights that have been passed for other events?