November 23, 2017
Russian Spy Anna Chapman 'Trains' Vladimir Putin's Army

Russian spy Anna Chapman is allegedly training rebels in Urkaine. Vladimir Putin is reportedly using Chapman as a propaganda "weapon of mass destruction. The "sexpot" Russia spy was featured on the cover of Maxim. The red-haired spy, who could double as a fashion model, was photographed on a Russian tank that was allegedly used in the Ukraine by Moscow-backed rebel fighters. "It's almost 6 a.m. and 3,000 handsome men are still sleeping. I am very lucky to be at the heart of my motherland's army. It's a very special day for me," The Russian spy said on Russian Ren TV.

Anna Chapman, 32, was among a group of nine "sleeper spies" United States intelligence officials discovered in 2010. The FBI sent Chapman and the others back to Russia as a part of a spy swap exchange with Vladimir Putin's government.

Chapman reveled in her ability to still wear make-up and look sexy while working with the soldiers. "This is hugely untypical. If I was in the regular army I would not have the right to put on lipstick." Anna Chapman's flaming red hair definitely stood out in the photos of the Russian spy and uniformed soldiers. Chapman was shown firing an AK-47, or Kalashnikov Russian rifle as she rode around on a tank.

Anna Chapman - Russian spy.

She also demonstrated how to use a knife properly. "I'm so excited about getting the uniform. Is it the famous uniform designed by [Russian fashion designer] Valentin Yudashkin? Will it suit me? I will have to wear this for the entire day," Anna Chapman said in publicized video footage which was translated by the Daily Mail. "This is so-called tactical training. It's very much like real life. I can almost feel the danger."

vladimir putin

Anna Chapman is now a frequently seen face on Russian TV. She was reportedly recruited to be an attractive fixture in Vladimir Putin's propaganda campaign in the Ukraine. The model-like spy registered her surprise that the barracks of Russian soldiers in Kantemirovskaya "have hot water." She added, "Until five minutes ago, I was sure all of our soldiers wash their face with cold water."


The former spy also bragged about the fitness levels and eating habits of Putin's soldiers.

"Russian private gets almost 4,500 calories a day. This is twice more than a woman should eat to keep fit. Our soldiers are better fed than soldiers in the German, French, and American armies. In the American army they fight obesity. The Kantemirovskaya division fighters don't have this problem. Everyone here looks as if they were hand-picked. To be honest, after everything I heard about the army, I was expecting to see barley porridge and not so much choice."

What do you think about Russian spy Anna Chapman and Vladimir Putin's plans for the Ukraine?

[Images via: YouTube screengrabs/Russian Ren TV]