Who Is Britt Nilsson Of 'The Bachelor 2015' With Chris Soules?

ABC's The Bachelor 2015 starring Chris Soules is generating a lot of buzz and fans are anxious for scoop about this season's bachelorettes. Britt Nilsson is said to be one of the ladies looking for romance with Chris and it sounds as if she may be one to watch this season. What do fans need to know about Britt?

According to Reality Steve's spoilers, Nilsson is originally from Detroit, Michigan but she lives in Los Angeles now. The Bachelor spoiler and sleuther fans at the Bach and Bachette Fans site uncovered Britt's participation in the show a bit before Steve released her, and all signs definitely point to her being a bachelorette viewers will see quite a bit of throughout season 19.

Nilsson is said to be pursuing modeling and acting gigs, and it seems she had even read for the 90210 remake a while back. This The Bachelor 2015 contestant seemingly goes by Britt Karolina Nilsson professionally. She can be seen in a short film currently on YouTube titled Innocent Attraction, which has a bit of a shocking ending. The short was directed by Miguel Ferrer and stars Josh Berger, an actor who has been in quite a few other short films as well as in a few episodes of The Comeback.

According to IMDb,Britt has done a couple of other film projects in addition to the 2011 short Innocent Attraction. In 2010 she did the film I.D. and in 2012 she did Signs: Wind. It's not entirely clear at this point what else Nilsson has in the works in terms of projects, but she has been making something of a mark in Los Angeles by the looks of things.

Reality Steve's spoilers indicate that Nilsson was well-liked throughout filming of The Bachelor 2015, apparently both by the contestants and production. Britt's Instagram page shows a mix of photos referencing her faith, her friends and her apparent love for the outdoors.

Though many of her social media and modeling pictures show her with dark hair, previews for the new season indicate she went with a somewhat lighter shade shortly before heading off to film the show. Reality Steve's spoilers indicate that he has a hunch that Nilsson could be someone viewers will be seeing a lot of this coming year when it comes to The Bachelor franchise.

Will Chris Soules fall for Britt Nilsson this season and will viewers fall in love with her and want to see more of her? It all begins when ABC's The Bachelor 2015 begins on Monday, January 5.

[Image via Britt Nilsson's Instagram]