Weight Loss Workouts: How Celebrities Like Rick Ross And Everyday People Are Losing Weight With HIIT

When Rick Ross suffered from two seizures in one day, his weight loss journey began, reports ABC News. That’s when the popular rapper decided to lose weight from his 300-pound frame – and Ross has been successful in experiencing a nearly 100-pound weight loss in the past seven months.

Credit Ross’ weight loss to the “Hood Billionaire” adapting a healthier way of eating, which includes eating fruit like pears – as reported by the Inquisitr. The mere mention of pears as part of his weight loss regimen has caused the fruit to surge in popularity, says the Washington Post, and caused pear emojis to flood Ross’ Instagram account while a “shout out to all the pear” Vine has gone viral.

Ross’ weight loss accomplishment can also be credited to the strength-training workouts he does via CrossFit – something he dubs “RossFit” – which is a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) way of working out to build fat-burning benefits and speed up weight loss.

“CrossFit overall is more of an intense workout. So instead of doing 20 minutes on the treadmill, you’ll (do) a 20-minute CrossFit workout and you’ll be not only building your endurance, but also muscle simultaneously.”

It’s not just celebrities who are using strength training as a big part of their weight loss plan. Pop Sugar features the weight loss story of Charlene, a woman who also clocks her weight loss at nearly 100 pounds by incorporating weight lifting into her weight loss workouts.

“Any other time I had tried to work out, I had only tried cardio-based workouts and found weight training was truly the device I needed to make changes to my body.”

In addition to adding weight-bearing exercises to a weight loss workout plan, those who want to lose weight are taking tips from celebrity trainers like Jillian Michaels and Harley Pasternak – a man who has helped famous folks like Lady Gaga, Halle Berry, Robert Pattinson and Robert Downey, Jr., whip into shape. To speed up your weight loss, the experts suggest adding whey protein to your daily diet to help build muscle and lose weight more rapidly, reports the Inquisitr.

With so much interest surrounding successful weight loss stories year-round, it helps to learn how both celebrities and everyday average folks are losing weight – and to follow their tips for healthier eating and more effective workout routines to add to our own weight loss journeys of success.

[Image credit: Rick Ross weight loss journey on Instagram]