Lawrence Taylor Being Sued by Former Teenage Prostitute

Former NFL star Lawrence Taylor has been slapped with a lawsuit by the former teenage prostitute he was convicted of having sex with in 2010.

The lawsuit, filed by 18-year-old Christina Fierro, claims that Taylor — who was sentenced to 6 years probation earlier this year after admitting that he paid Fierro, 16-years-old at the time, $300 for sex — forced himself upon a visibly shaken, crying and scared teen, despite her attempts to get him to stop.

“I was glad Mr. Taylor was prosecuted, but I feel as though he should have gone to jail to think about what he has done to me,” Fierro said. “I am very hurt because of what I was forced to do against my own will with Mr. Taylor in that room that night. No girl deserves to be taken advantage of and I hope to be the voice of girls and young women out there who have been sexually exploited as a result of sex trafficking.”

According to the NY Post, Fierro is being represented in her civil suit by high-profile lawyer Gloria Allred, who excoriated Taylor at a press conference after his criminal sentence this year in Rockland County court. Allred and Fierro (seen in the photo below) are scheduled to give another press conference on the new civil case today.

“Suing the buyer can have an impact on the demand for commercial sex of children,” Allred said, as reported by Reuters. “If buyers know that they may be liable for significant … damages for the physical and emotional suffering that they cause a child it may make them think twice before they engage in this reprehensible criminal act and civil wrong.”

The Post reports that Fierro is seeking monetary damages in excess of $75,000.

Lawrence Taylor’s lawyer, Arthur Aidala, said in a statement to reporters that because of the suit, Taylor and other witnesses “will have to reveal the rather disparaging truth about Ms. Fierro.”

Image: CBS News