Israelis Develop Multi-Tiered Collapsible Omni-Wheeled ‘Fugu Luggage’ – From A Carry-On To A Check-In

Travelers have always faced the dilemma of choosing between the large suitcase that won’t go into the overhead bin and the smaller one that might prove grossly inadequate during the return journey. As a result, many end up hauling two suitcases. Now an Israeli group of inventors and baggage designers have come up with a solution that promises to morph into a size the traveler desires.

2014 marks the 100th anniversary of commercial flight and its appalling to realize that very little has improved in the baggage section, besides the addition of wheels. Scientists have been able to do nothing much besides attempting to reduce the weight of the luggage by using space-age materials, but the innovation has seemingly stagnated. Airlines too have done nothing more expect ask ‘carry-on only or checked?’ and charging heavy fees for bulky baggage.

Perhaps no one till date wondered why we’re still dragging our belongings behind. However, an Israeli company called ‘Fugu Luggage’ may have an answer and it is looking towards the netizens to fund its latest endeavor via Kickstarter.

The Fugu Luggage Allows Travelers To Have Two-In-One Expandable Option

Attempting to breathe fresh air into the luggage industry literally, the company’s bag utilizes air to expand from a compact wheeled carry-on into a durable checked bag, complete with interior organization. The goal was $50,000, but so far, with about two more weeks to go, Fugu has already surpassed that goal to claim nearly $175,000 in funding.

The Omnidirectional Wheels Assure Effortless Maneuvering Of The Fugu luggage

On the Kickstarter page, a single piece of Fugu luggage costs $219. With an optional ‘laptop sleeve’, the final costs goes up to $245. Though it sounds a little steep, the innovations might mean a lot for a frequent traveler. At its smallest, collapsed form, the hard-shell Fugu is 13.5″ high by 21.5″ long. Its depth is mere nine inches. However, when expanded to its full-blown size, the depth increases to 27 inches!

The Fugu Luggage Transforms From A Carry-On To A Check-In

In other words, the Fugu luggage will expand from its initial capacity of 40 liters to a humongous 120 liters. The best part is, despite the apparent ‘Transformers’ like alteration, the luggage weighs just 8.8lb (4 Kg), which the creators assure is comparable to every other average-sized luggage, reported Gizmag.

What the company suggests is you bring on the Fugu luggage on the first stage of your travel as a carry-on piece of luggage, but when you are returning, having bought tons of stuff like souvenirs, bargain items and gifts for loved ones, the same piece of luggage will become a secure ‘check-in’ – no need to haul two, different-sized suitcases anymore. Now if only the company attaches air-filled wheels, their baggage could be taken to Venice!

[Image Credit | Kickstarter]