Wyclef Jean denies Yele Haiti misspending allegations

Over the weekend, The New York Post ran a story that alleged significant misuse of proceeds generated by Wyclef Jean’s Yele Haiti charity to provide relief for the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti in early 2010.

According to NYT’s report, of the $16 million that was raised for Haiti relief only less than a third of that amount actually went towards any kind of emergency relief efforts. Instead of going where it was supposed to go, the report says that money wound up in bank accounts tied to Jean’s family, and even to companies that don’t actually exist.

However, Jean says that NYT’s claims are “misleading, deceptive and incomplete.” Jean said in a statement:

“The NY Post piece entitled, “Questions Dog Wyclef’s Haiti Fund” is misleading, deceptive and incomplete. The Post conveniently fails to acknowledge that the decisions that Yele made were a response to one of the world’s most catastrophic natural disasters in modern history and required an immediate humanitarian response.”

He continued:

“What the article doesn’t say is that the construction projects funded by Yele Haiti were responsible for rebuilding an orphanage, building a temporary assistance facility, and had constructed a system of outdoor toilet and shower facilities in Cite Soliel one of the largest slums in Port-au-Prince. The Post never highlights that Amisphere Farm Labor was responsible for preparing and delivering close to 100,000 meals.”

For more on Wycleaf Jean’s response to The New York Time’s post, head through to this link.