Tim Hortons Gives Away $2500 To Shoppers Waiting In Line

While most retail locations used Black Friday to push up their profits and get into the black (make money for the first time in the year), the executives at cafe bake shop Tim Hortons tried a different approach, they gave money away to unsuspecting customers.

The food chain had employees walk through long lines and hand out $725 Visa gift cards to the 25th person person in line while the 24th and 26th people in line each walked away with $100.

The rest of the stores customers were not left empty handed, they were given a free donut just for stopping in.

According to the company they chose the $725 amount because a recent Gallup Poll showed that most holiday buyers would spend $725 on average for gifts.

According to Mike Meilleur Tim Hortons senior vice president of U.S. operations:

“It’s been a tough year for some people and this is just our way of saying ‘Thank You,'” and “We know that spending $1.50 on a coffee adds up, which is why we are grateful for those who come to Tim Hortons Cafe Bake Shop every day.”

The gifts kicked off the company’s Holiday Helpers program which will include making surprise visits at area sporting events where the company will give away additional VISA gift cards and free products from their stores.

Do you think more company’s should follow Tim Horton’s lead and start handing out free gifts to customers in the spirit of the holiday season?