‘Now that I’m on this medication, I feel like a normal boy,’ Says 8-Yr-Old Child After Being Treated With Marijuana When Commercial Drugs Failed

Even as marijuana slowly gains acceptance in the society as a recreational drug, its potency as a medicine has long been revered by alternative medical practitioners. Now an 8-year-old boy seems to have regained his innocent and healthy childhood thanks to medical weed. What’s even sweeter is the fact that the company that supplied the medical marijuana, is willing to give out the medicine for free, to young patients suffering from similar conditions.

A week after celebrating his eighth birthday, Forrest Smelser was diagnosed with a severe form of epilepsy. It was so acute that poor Forrest, on his worst days, would have a seizure every 15 minutes, reported Medical Daily. It was quite traumatizing for the child and the family too, shared his mother Tanesha, “If he has a seizure that lasts longer than three minutes, we’re venturing into brain damage territory.”

After multiple hurried trips to the emergency room and countless visits to the doctor’s office, Forrest was prescribed Trileptal, a well-known antiepileptic drug made by Novartis. However, instead of getting better, things took a far worse turn for him, continued his mother,

“He would scream, he would fight, he would punch himself.”

The final tipping point arrived when the family realized Forrest had become suicidal, which his mother strongly believes is a side effect of the drugs her kid was being administered. It was at this point, Forrest’s mother decided to opt for alternative medicine and marijuana was the first choice that came up in numerous researches she conducted.

After treating young Forrest with Oil infused with CBD, medical marijuana for a few weeks, Forrest showed tremendous and never-before-witnessed improvement, cried his happy mother,

“I have my son again. He’s not this fog of a child. He’s not this angry child. He’s my child exactly.”

Young Forrest Has Made A Remarkable Recovery Which Commercial Anti-epileptic Drugs Couldn't Deliver

However, the best attestation to medical marijuana came from the young patient himself, who said,

“Now that I’m on this medication, I feel like a normal boy.”

Medical marijuana is normally not covered by insurance and Tanesha was paying about $5 per pill at a local medical marijuana dispensary. Forrest had to be administered three pills a day. But the Smelser family was in for another surprise as well.

The medical marijuana administered to Forrest is made by TJ’s Organic Gardens, a Eugene-based medical marijuana farm with indoor operations in Oregon and Washington. The owners have confirmed they will bear the cost of Forrest’s medication, reported Whaxy. If that’s not all, the company is ready to help other kids too, confirmed Jim Murphy, the owner of TJ,

“Our company has enough medicine for about 500 more child patients – and we’re looking to supply them at no charge.”

The company has even setup a separate company Kind Care to dispense the medical marijuana. For more information & for availing the facility, parents are urged to contact Jim at his email address: info@TJsgardens.com.

[Image Credit | Katu, Facebook/Tanesha Smelser]