That bad marriage – it could be the fault of your abusive boss

I am pretty sure this is one that you can chalk up in the DUH Column but it seems that some researchers felt it might be interesting to study the effect of abusive bosses on their employees marriages.

Without any real surprise to people who can actually think for themselves the researchers at Baylor University found that the stress and tension caused by an abusive boss can affect your marital relationship, and as an extension of that the whole family unit.

Dawn Carlson, study author, a Ph.D. and professor of management at the Hankamer School of Business at Baylor University, notes that this abuse can include rudeness, public criticism, tantrums, and inconsiderate actions.

The study included 280 full-time employees and their partners of which 57 percent were males with an average of five years in their current job. As well, 75 percent had children living with them while the average age for the employee and their partner was 36 years.

Of those involved with the study 46 percent supervised other employees, 47 percent worked in a public organization, 40 percent worked in private businesses, nine percent worked for a non-profit organization and five percent were self-employed.

Some of the questions in the employee section of the survey were:

“How often does your supervisor use the following behaviors with you?” with example items being “Tells me my thoughts or feelings are stupid,” “Expresses anger at me when he/she is mad for another reason,” “Puts me down in front of others,” and “Tells me I’m incompetent.”

via PhysOrg