Humpback Whales, Sea Lions, And Birds Gather In Stunning Feeding Frenzy

A whale watching tour in California recently filmed a stunning event, as a pod of humpback whales engaged in a feeding frenzy, surrounded by sea lions and gulls as they lunged out of the Pacific Ocean.

The feeding frenzy took place in Monterey Bay, according to the Daily Mail, around four miles off the coast of Moss Landing. During a voyage on November 20, Michael Sack, captain and co-owner of Sanctuary Cruises, managed to record the unusual occurrence. His astonished passengers marveled at the frenzy, as some of the giant whales broke the surface just a few feet away from their boat.

The whales weren't alone in the water, however, as a large group of sea lions could be seen jumping in the ocean nearby, while sea birds filled the air over the tourists' heads. According to the Telegraph, Sanctuary Cruises revealed in a tweet that orca whales were present in the bay as well, though they are not visible in the video.

Sack was just as excited as his passengers, and can be heard in the video voicing his surprise at the frenzy he was recording. Pointing out the fins as they broke the surface, he exclaimed in astonishment when one of the whales dove directly under the boat, ostensibly in search of food. Sack also observed that sea lions in the area were becoming agitated, and directed the tourists' attention toward the spot just before the whales lunged out of the water.Monterey Bay is well known for the diverse range of wildlife that make their home in the area, which is among the most ecologically rich spots on California's central coast. During peak season, which lasts from December to March, as many as 7,000 gray whales migrate through the waters of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.Earlier this year, an astonished photographer captured several shots of a humpback breaching in Monterey Bay. As the Inquisitr has previously noted, though such an event is almost a guaranteed sight during the season, onlookers were surprised by the humpback whale, which appeared to be acknowledging their presence.

[Image: YouTube/ Sanctuary Cruises via the Daily Mail]