Calum Hood And 5SOS Get Male Strippers — Fan Prank Gone Wrong

Fans of Calum Hood and 5 Seconds of Summer recently pulled a shocking prank on the guys of the band during a recent trip to Los Angeles. Some mischievous fangirls decided to hire a bunch of male strippers and send them to the home of Calum and his buddies.

According to Unreality TV, Calum Hood recently shared the details of the male stripper story, explaining that he and his band mates, Ashton Irwin, Michael Clifford, and Luke Hemmings, were taken by surprise during an evening off after a string of 5SOS performances. The male strippers were dressed as police officers, which Calum Hood noticed hanging out outside their windows. Calum was understandably nervous to see a group of cops waiting for them, but it turned out to be a harmless but embarrassing prank pulled by some of Hood’s biggest fans.

“We had kiss-o-grams sent to our house by a couple of fans when we were staying in LA,” Calum Hood told We Love Pop magazine. “But they were male.”

At first, Calum thought the fake police officers were actually trying to break into their house.

“They had flashlights and were shining them through the window,” said Hood. “I was like ‘there’s people trying to break into our house!'”

Somehow the strippers ended up inside the house, invited in or otherwise, and started the show. Calum and his friends were subjected to a full-on striptease, with some of the strippers even asking Hood to rub baby oil over their chests. Calum Hood and Ashton Irwin were so freaked out by the prank that they fled into the darkness and hid their until the male strippers left the house.

“We just kind of hid and they ended up walking away,” Calum said. “They were in cop uniforms. Like, really tight ones. It was all pretty awkward!”

The male stripper prank is mysteriously relevant to Calum Hood’s recent online scandal, wherein a Vine video of him exposing himself to a fan went viral across the internet. Calum confessed to the incident by explaining he was still a teenager learning from his mistakes. Ashton Irwin made fun of Calum by posting a revealing photo of himself.

But Calum Hood has moved on beyond stripping — either on the internet or as a prank. He recently disclosed his romantic side by describing his perfect kiss to We Love Pop magazine.

“I would say you would both normally know how long to go for,” Calum said. “I haven’t timed it! But I would say about seven seconds.”

While fans enjoy 5 Seconds of Summer, I’m sure many of them would love seven seconds of heaven with Calum Hood.

[Image courtesy of Astrid Stawiarz, Getty Images]