WWE Survivor Series Results: Sting Appears, Dolph Ziggler Becomes A Star, And Team Authority Loses

WWE Survivor Series brought the fanboy out of all of us. It was WWE's best PPV of the year, by far. WWE simply gave us moments of amazement, and it was one of those times that made fans of all ages stand up and applaud the company. WWE fans, and, of course, wrestling journalists will sit back and blast WWE for their horrible work here and there. However, WWE Survivor Series 2014 is the reason we still watch. It was the night that made us smile once again.

The night began by WWE giving us a little more information on The Authority. If they lost, they would not go back to Connecticut and still run the show from the home office, oh no. If they lost on this night, they would be removed from any and all superstar or diva influence. The only person who could bring them back to power would be John Cena. So not only could The Authority lose everything if their team lost, but they'd have to get John Cena himself to bring them back. That is something that would never happen.

WWE then started with the first match of the night. A tag team fatal four way match. The match included champions Gold and Stardust, The Miz and Mizdow, The Usos, And The Los Matadors. This match had a lot of twists and turns. The most over team was clearly Miz and Mizdow. Chants of "we want Mizdow" echoed throughout the match. It even went over into the next match.

The match ended up being won by Miz and Mizdow. This gives Damien his first championship in WWE, which is pretty cool. They won the match by Mizdow copying Miz. Basically, an Uso tagged in for a splash. Miz had tagged him before he jumped, making him the legal competitor. Miz then threw the Uso out and fell back, was tagged by Mizdow, and Damien got the cover for the win. Miz now has his sixth tag team title.

Adam Rose and the Bunny beat Slater-Gator in a random add-on match. Rose didn't seem pleased with his Bunny after tonight.

Roman Reigns appeared for an interview via satellite. Reigns was at the event, but WWE didn't want fans to expect much from him. So they pretended he was not there with the "via satellite" line. Reigns mentioned he would be back in December, confirming reports saying as much.

WWE then brought us a few Diva matches that were seemingly useless for the show, but one had a shocking twist, yet still managed to be pretty short.

AJ Brie

Nikki Bella defeated then champion AJ Lee for the Diva's Championship. However, she had a bit of help from his sister Brie. Brie kissed AJ, causing an obvious distraction. This was very similar to the kiss AJ gave Daniel Bryan before he lost the World Heavyweight Title in 18 seconds at WrestleMania. This led to Nikki taking a hard shot to AJ, then getting her into her finisher for the pin.

Dean Ambrose took on Bray Wyatt in a classic match. Honestly, if not for the main event, this match would have stolen the show.

Dean and Bray went at it like two lions fighting for the right of leading the pride. Two men with similar assets and both were using them to their fullest; Dean with his clear insanity and Bray with his dark mindset. This match was hard-hitting. Honestly, it left you wondering who could win. Finally, the match ended up being won by Wyatt. However, it happened only due to Ambrose getting himself disqualified.

He used a chair on Bray. Then...another chair. Then put him through a table. Then buried him in a table and chairs. It reminded me of the time a few ECW wrestlers asked for a chair from the audience. Ambrose proved that he could go just as far as he needed to. This led to WWE already announcing hat the two will go at it at TLC in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match.

John Cena Authority

Finally, the match we awaited for so long happened. It was Team John Cena vs. Team Authority. The match started with Mark Henry immediately being punched out by The Big Show. Literally, Henry lasted a minute in the match tops.

It was 4 to 5, Cena's team ahead.

This then led to WWE taking their frustrations out on Dolph Ziggler. Eventually, The Authority eliminated Ryback. Many were shocked by this, due to how well WWE has been trying to build him.

It was 4 to 4.

The Authority focused on getting out another big man but lost one of their own. Team Cena was able to get out Rusev. WWE did this the best way they possibly could. They had Rusev come off as dominant. He, along with other members of the Authority, had been hurting Ziggler the entire match. Dolph took a beating seemingly from the beginning. Rusev took Ziggler out to put him through a table. Ziggler moved right before Rusev dived on him. The ref had been counted for a short time. Ziggler made it back in the ring at the count of 9. Rusev never did. So he was eliminated due to count out.

It was 4 to 3, Cena's team ahead.

Dolph Ziggler

The Authority focused on removing Erick Rowan and did so using cheap tricks. Rowan did very well in the match and was well worth using. His former partner Luke Harper eliminated him.

It was 3 to 3.

The shock of the night was another random turn from The Big Show. Ziggler had been beaten up all match long. He was resting on the outside when Big Show and John Cena went up against the remaining Authority members. Show then punched out Cena to the shock of everyone. The Authority seemed to have no clue. Cena was then eliminated. Show shook Triple H's hand and walked out, leaving only Ziggler.

Yes, Ziggler, the Authority punching bag for the entire match, was the hope of Team Cena.

Ziggler managed to keep from going down. He was beaten but didn't give up. Kick out after kick out, roll after roll. Ziggler managed to take out Kane and Luke Harper, leaving only him and Seth Rollins as the final two. Many wondered, could Ziggler do it? It was edge of your seat material. Goosebumps appeared on your arms seemingly for no reason as a fan. You completely forgot this was a planned story; it was real for a few moments.

Ziggler managed to get a Zig-Zag on Rollins, and he had the three count all day long. However, Triple H pulled out the ref and beat him up. Another ref came out after Ziggler yet again got the one-up, when Triple H yet again took him out.

Sting HHH

Triple H and his men then beat down Ziggler. This led to Triple H pedigreeing Ziggler and putting Rollins on him for the pin. Another ref came out and was about to count three, when all of a sudden, what doth appear, but a Stinger in the side of The Authority's rear.

Sting came out and had a stare-down with Triple H. Triple H, tired of the stare game, tried to hit Sting, but Sting blocked with a punch of his own leading to a Scorpion Death Drop. He then put the arm of Ziggler over Rollins and left the ring. Yet another ref came out and counted to three. Ziggler saved the day for Team Cena and became a hero.

The Authority is now no longer in power, and Sting could be the ultimate reason why. However, Dolph Ziggler came off looking like a stud. He outlasted everyone to become the soul survivor of his team. Now, we have to watch WWE RAW to find out what happens next.

WWE Survivor Series 2014 was absolutely amazing. WWE gave us a great show with a main event worthy of being called such. They brought in Sting in an important way, along with creating a star in Ziggler, who needed a push such as this, especially after losing his Intercontinental Title.

It was on this night that WWE was back for the fans. It was one of the best PPVS WWE has done in some time. If people see this event, they might consider buying the WWE Network. In the end, WWE did their job, and fans got what we wanted. 10 out of 10 for the night, WWE.

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