Melissa Kellerman, Cowboys Cheerleader, Forced Off Twitter By Own Team?

Dallas Cowboy cheerleader Melissa Kellerman gained instant Internet Fame™ on Thanksgiving, after she was shown on TV being accidentally tackled by a 265lb footballer from her own team.

The clip (embedded below) is faintly amusing: Cowboys tight end Jason Witten catches a wide pass, before being run off the field and colliding with a blissfully unaware Kellerman. The cheerleader was thankfully unhurt, and to her credit cheerfully laughed the incident off at the time.

She might not be laughing quite so much now. After taking to Twitter to joke about the collision (sample tweets included: “Not hurtin’ today, like some of y’all thought I would be! Our TE isn’t as tough as he looks…That or I’m WAY tougher than I look. :) and “I’m not the best at Jason Witten trust falls. ;))” , it appears the Cowboys ordered her to shut down her Twitter account.

While the team has yet to comment on the matter, CNBC’s Darren Rovell reports that the 22-year-old was forced to delete her account by the organization. Which, y’know, strikes me as kind of humorless. Are they worried about Jason Witten’s man points?

She’s not the only Cowboys cheerleader in the spotlight right now: earlier this month, Buffalo Bills wide receiver David Nelson scored a touchdown and immediately ran to the opposite end of the field to present the ball to his Dallas Cowboys cheerleader girlfriend, Kelsi Reich.

Here’s that Witten-on-Kellerman tackle again: