‘My Five Wives’ Molestation Scandal: Star Claims Father Molested Her As Child

My Five Wives, the hit TLC show, has been hit with a molestation scandal after one of its stars claimed that her father molested her as a child.

According to the Associated Press, the My Five Wives molestation scandal is the result of claims made by Rosemary Williams, one of the stars of the hit television show and one of five wives on the show.

Per the Associated Press report, Williams claims the molestation did not occur during her time on My Five Wives, but decades before and allegedly at the hands of her father, Lynn Thompson.

In a blog post detailing the claimed molestation at the hands of her father, Williams detailed how her father – who was head of a polygamy group – took her out of town and took advantage of her at a young age.

“One summer, when I was 12 or 13 years old, I went on a trip up to Montana with Dad for a work-project on the Pinesdale chapel. It was a very warm Saturday and I had been outside, working and playing for a lot of it. I think I must have gotten heat exhaustion because I was very sick and light headed. Dad was working in the chapel so I went to him to let him know that I wasn’t feeling well and to maybe get some suggestions as to how to feel better. He brought me behind the curtain on the stage (nobody else was in the chapel at the time, it being a Saturday) and he told me to lie down on the floor. I did so and he knelt beside me and began comforting me. Dad was kneeling on my left side and reaching his arm over and rubbing my stomach in a father-like way on my right side. But his hand went up over my breast. At the time, I thought that maybe it was an accident. I mean, dads just don’t rub their daughters’ breasts. I didn’t count how many times his hand went over my breast, but it was more than twice. I felt very uncomfortable and so I got up and told him I would go to my Aunt’s house.”

She went on to detail how a sister had made claims against her father, as well, that were more torrid than her own.

Williams goes on to note that the molestation she claims to have suffered at the hands of her father went unreported for a long time because she “had been trained to be a good victim and not speak of the things that happened to me.”

But she said her husband, Brady — himself a polygamist and the patriarch of My Five Wives — has shown her what a father is supposed to be.

“I am thankful for Brady. Through him I know how a real father treats his little ones. I KNOW this: good Daddies don’t touch their daughter’s breasts; that’s molestation. If Brady ever touched one of my daughters, the way my father touched me, there would be NO excuses for him. Men know exactly WHERE breasts are and don’t accidently rub them multiple times.”

The allegations against her father come as rape allegations against comedian Bill Cosby continue to mount.

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