ABC’s ‘The Bachelor 2015’ Spoilers: Chris Soules’ Final Rose Ceremony Location Revealed

Chris Soules’ final rose for ABC’s The Bachelor 2015 is said to have been presented over the weekend. During most seasons, this would take place in some exotic, international locale. This time around, according to Reality Steve’s spoilers, the season 19 finale was filmed somewhere much more familiar to the lead. What The Bachelor spoilers are available for Chris Soules’ finale?

Reality Steve’s spoilers via Twitter indicate that Chris Soules’ final rose ceremony was set to go down Saturday in Iowa where Chris lives. Soules and the final two bachelorettes had been in Iowa all week, filming the final dates and meetings between the ladies and Chris’ parents according to Steve’s The Bachelor spoilers. Then on Saturday, cameras were said to be set to capture the final moments which likely included a proposal.

Season 19 'The Bachelor' star Chris Soules

The Bachelor spoilers from Reality Steve indicate that Soules’ final rose ceremony was slated to take place in a barn on property owned by Chris’ parents in Lamont, Iowa. This is definitely a different kind of setting for the franchise, but many can see how it fits what is obviously going to be a theme this season with Soules’ farming background.

Steve notes that the family has done some serious upgrades to the barn. In addition, the main road leading to the property had been closed all week leading up to the final rose ceremony. While some fans were surely hopeful they could sneak in close to the location and snap a few The Bachelor spoiler pictures, it seems production made that essentially impossible.

That doesn’t mean, however, that Reality Steve’s spoilers won’t be dishing out details regarding Chris Soules’ final rose recipient. It’s not known quite yet when he’ll have the information available to share, but it will surely be coming relatively soon.

The last time that Steve detailed any The Bachelor spoilers regarding Chris Soules’ final bachelorettes, he said that Becca Tilley, Jade Roper and Whitney Bischoff were getting hometown dates, and there was a fourth lady he hadn’t revealed yet. Who went home after the hometown dates and the overnight dates? Many spoiler fans have their theories about the last eliminations and Soules’ final rose, but so far, nothing more than speculation has been made available.

Will Chris Soules’ final rose lead to an engagement and eventually a wedding? Fans hope so, and they are anxious for more of Reality Steve’s spoilers to pin down further details. ABC’s The Bachelor 2015 premieres on Monday, January 5.

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