Walmart’s Black Friday Store Map Goes Mobile: Find Doorbuster Deals With Your Smartphone

The 2014 Walmart Black Friday store map is a big help for consumers who want to create a shopping strategy. Without the map, finding the doorbuster deals that will be spread throughout the store is similar to playing a grownup game of hide and seek.

Consumers will be able to see layout of the store they intend to do their Black Friday shopping in ahead of time — a big timesaver for holiday shoppers. The location of each doorbuster item will be marked on the map, making it easy for shoppers to plot their route and hopefully get the advertised deals that are on their holiday lists.

The Walmart store map can also be printed by clicking on the Black Friday ad shown on the home page. Consumers will be prompted to enter their zip code and then directed to a “store map” icon. A PDF version of the map will appear that is ready to print.

Jennifer King of Spend Less Shop More reports that Walmart will be handing out wristbands to customers who come in for the doorbuster deals, including most-wanted items like big screen TVs, Xbox One bundles and the iPad mini. King states that “customers can shop the entire store while they wait for the chosen doorbuster deals to go live.”

Similar to last year’s sale, the deals will be staggered, with two money-saving events on Thursday and one that starts on Friday and continues right through the weekend.

The first set of deals starts at 6 pm on Thanksgiving, followed by the second round of doorbusters at 8 pm. The third “event” will start at 6 am on Friday, November 28 and continue right on through to Sunday, November 30 when the Cyber Monday sale begins. Due to state laws, the Walmart Black Friday sale won’t start until 12:01 am in Maine and 1 am in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

The staggered sale, use of wristbands, and handy Walmart store map will hopefully help keep the mayhem under control during the popular retailer’s Black Friday sale. In the past, the early store openings led to chaos, with stampedes of people rushing in to get the deals.

According to a Black Friday Death Count, a rather morbid site set up to track deaths and injuries that happen on Black Friday, there have been seven deaths and 90 reported injuries at not only Walmart, but other major retailers as well.

[Images: Walmart]