Mom Snowstorm Letters Daughters: Buffalo Mom Trapped In Car During Snowstorm Writes ‘Goodbye’ Letters To Daughters

A mom stuck in a snowstorm wrote letters to her daughters, fearing that she was not going to make it out alive. According to the New York Post, Karen Rossi was stuck inside her car under mounds of snow during the viscous winter storm that buried parts of upstate New York with over seven feet of the white stuff last week.

“It felt like I was underground, buried in a casket. Sitting in the car, it’s funny what you think about. You get punchy. You realize the magnitude of the situation. You never think this is the way you’re going to pass away. I started to think about my life and my family and my daughters,” Rossi said.

The mom in the snowstorm who decided to write letters to her daughters was on her way home from her job as a pharmacy technician at 3 a.m. when she got stuck. The snow was just coming down way too fast. At first, Rossi was able to call home, but after a while, her phone died, and she feared the absolute worst. She grabbed a pen and some paper out of her purse and just starting writing goodbyes to her girls.

However, Rossi was not about to just give up. After nearly 13 hours, Rossi managed to climb out the car window, digging a sort of tunnel for herself. She stood on top of the snow and waved her snow brush. She was able to flag down another motorist, who stopped to help. The two worked together to dig Rossi’s car out. According to Livingston Daily, this was one of the most uplifting stories of the week, likely because Rossi made it out of that situation and lived to tell her story.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, there have been a number of deaths reported in the Buffalo area since the storm took over. Many people suffered heart attacks from shoveling, while a couple did die after getting trapped in their cars in the snow. Thousands of people have been without electricity for days, trapped inside their homes without anywhere to put the ridiculous amounts of snow. Clearly Rossi is very lucky to be alive… and she knows it.

As for those letters written to her daughters, Rossi says that the girls are not even interested in reading them. Hopefully, Rossi never has to write goodbye letters of that nature to her loved ones ever again.

[Photo courtesy of Accuweather]