T.Y. Hilton Interview: Colts Receiver Catches Touchdown In Honor Of Newborn Daughter, Breaks Down During Postgame Interview [Video]

TY Hilton emotional postgame interview

T.Y. Hilton can be blamed for being a bit emotional.

The Indianapolis Colts wide receiver spent the early morning hours on Sunday welcoming a baby daughter named Eugenia, then after just a bit of sleep went right to work.

He made it to Lucas Oil Stadium in time for the Colts to face off against the Jacksonville Jaguars, despite a frantic night. Hilton was sleeping at the team hotel when his wife went into labor, and family members couldn’t get a hold of him. So Hilton’s best friend, Peter Riley, went to the team hotel and banged on the door until Hilton woke up, then raced the Colts receiver to the hospital.

Hilton made it just in time to welcome the baby girl, whose nickname is “Gigi,” and then made a promise to catch a touchdown in honor of the baby girl.

T.Y. Hilton delivered on the promise, catching a 73-yard touchdown. Afterward Hilton cradled the ball like a baby.

The catch itself was huge. It allowed the Colts to overcome miscues and put the game out of reach. The win allowed Indianapolis to increase its lead at the top of the AFC South, and could be important for playoff positioning at season’s end.

Hilton could barely contain his emotions during a postgame interview.

“Just a little bit of rest, I’ve been up since four, five,” Hilton said, his voice cracking.

Hilton added that it was an overwhelming day, and then broke down in tears as the interview went on.

Now T.Y. Hilton and his wife will have plenty of time to spend with baby Gigi, and a touchdown ball to go with it.

[Image courtesy of CBSSports.com]