NBA Season Set At 66-Games, Out Of Conference Events Limited

NBA players will return to the courts from Dec. 25 through April 26 in a shortened season that will last just 66 games.

League sources on Sunday confirmed that the season would be limited to 48 conference games and 18 matches against teams from other conferences. Because of those numbers NBA teams will not visit every NBA city as they would during regular season play.

The shortened season timespan also means NBA players will be forced to play two more games per month while each team will have at least one stretch in which they play in games for three straight nights.

Teams that are forced to play in three straight games will have those stretches limited to a maximum of three times in one season.

To consolidate time NBA officials and players have also agreed to limit ‘off days’ during the second round of the playoffs.

Are you excited to see the NBA season return or have they cannibalized the league schedule too much to make a difference.