Iran Wants To Arm Hamas And Hezbollah With ‘Advanced Weapons’ To Strike Israel

Iran aims to arm Hezbollah and Hamas with advanced weapons able to strike Israel, the head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Aerospace Force said this week.

Gen. Seyed Majid Moussavi said Iran wants to send modern weapons that allow the terrorist groups to “deal with the bloodthirsty Zionist regime.” Moussavi said that Iran has provided the terrorist organization Hezbollah in Lebanon hundreds of missiles able to strike targets up to 220 miles away, putting them within range of southern Israel.

The weapons, known as Fateh missiles, are able to carry a 1,100 pound warhead.

“Our strategic guiding principle is the appropriate arming of Hezbollah and Hamas with advanced, modern weapons in order to allow the resistance groups to deal with the bloodthirsty Zionist regime,” Moussavi said.”The missiles that Iran most recently gave to Hezbollah will allow the organization to reach every point in Israel, including the most guarded facilities of the Zionist occupation forces.”

The threats against Israel came as Iranian leaders met with world leaders in Vienna to try to find a solution to Iran’s nuclear crisis. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said that he hoped to reach a peaceful outcome that does not allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons.

“It’s imperative, obviously, that Iran work with us in all possible effort to prove to the world the [nuclear] program is peaceful.”

There is a November 24 deadline for Iran to reach an agreement on its nuclear program, but there is a possibility of an extension.

Meanwhile, sources close to Iran say they expect the Revolutionary Guard in Iran to continue arming Hezbollah and Hamas with a goal of attacking Israel. Back in August, evidence suggested that Iran was continuing to support Hamas in its war with Israel, which was seen in part as an act of defiance against the United States and its sanctions on Iran.