New Batman: Arkham City DLC due out before Christmas

Rocksteady and Warner Bros. Interactive announced over the weekend that the next round of Batman: Arkham City DLC is due out a few days before Christmas on December 20.

“Brand new DLC coming December 20th with all new Batcave. Jokers carnival and the iceberg lounge also available to download then!” Rocksteady said in a tweet on Saturday.

It isn’t exactly clear at the moment what the new “Batcave” content will be, but we presume it will be another challenge map considering, well, that’s all we’ve seen so far. We can say that Joker’s Carnival and Iceberg Lounge are challenge maps, as both were already available to GameStop pre-orderers and Collector’s Edition owners (respectively).

Warner Bros. Interactive released the Robin / Nightwing DLC last month, which added in another set of challenge maps. Warner Bros. Interactive promised even more DLC is in the works, including a few as-of-yet unannounced story-focused DLCs.

No word at the moment on pricing for the three challenge maps due out next month.

Source: Arkham City Twitter (via CVG)