Meet The $150 Million Rolls Royce Yacht, They Even Throw In A Submarine

What do you get for the multi-millionaire who has everything this holiday season? How about a $150 million super yacht.

The 269-foot vessel was created by Rolls Royce and Palmer Johnson and features some unique features for the super rich including a six-man submarine that can enter and exit the vessel through a “James Bond door that opens into the water.”

The super yacht also features a helicopter hangar which CNN jokes is like the Batmobile garage.

If that isn’t enough to quench your thirst for high taste amenities the yacht also offers a full sized swimming pool, movie theater, a fully equipped beauty salon and even a classroom with the latest satellite technologies.

The owners apartment then covers three decks with a fourth deck made available for guests.

As one executive says of the project:

“This is a moving house,” and “If you don’t like the neighbors, you can just sail away.”

For the security obsessed the giant yacht also features water cannons to fend off would-be pirates.

Unfortunately even with more than one year of construction already completed on the boat the finished product is still 18 months away from completion.

If you could afford it would you want to buy this super expensive, super cool yacht?