Lewis Hamilton Wins Formula One World Championship, Nicole Scherzinger Revels In His Success, Prince Harry First To Congratulate

Lewis Hamilton claimed his second world championship after winning the Abu Dhabi grand-prix on Sunday.

Hamilton started the race second on the grid behind his rival for the title, Nico Rosberg. The German was 17 points behind his English teammate. However, Bernie Ecclestone’s decision to employ double points for the last race of the season meant that there were still 50 points available.

Nico Rosberg could only win the championship if he’d won the race and Lewis Hamilton had then finished third or lower. If Lewis Hamilton wasn’t able to finish the race, then Nico Rosberg could have finished in fifth place.

But after Lewis Hamilton made a sterling start to the race and overtook Rosberg by the first corner, there was never any doubt that he would go on to claim the race victory and his second world title.

Rosberg was slowly falling further behind Hamilton, who previously won the Formula One world championship back in 2008 while driving for McLaren, but then on lap 23, his race started to fall apart completely.

Rosberg’s car lost energy and he still managed to finish the race, but only in 13th place. Hamilton was aware that he too could face mechanical issues, so Mercedes put his car into a safer setting. Williams’ Felipe Massa started to close in on Lewis Hamilton, but he wasn’t able to challenge Hamilton for the lead and the Englishman kept him at bay to win his 11th race of the season with relative ease.

The first person to congratulate Lewis Hamilton was actually Prince Harry, who was in Abu Dhabi as part of a tour of the area. He spoke to Hamilton immediately after he had crossed the line, and he noted his relief at his success.

“Lewis, thank you very very much for not letting the British public sweat. You are an absolute legend. Well done, mate. Lewis well done, you’re an absolute legend.”

Speaking to BBC News, Lewis Hamilton actually admitted that he didn’t hear “anything Prince Harry said.” However he still noted, “It was very cool, I’m very grateful. It’s unreal, it’s incredible.”

Lewis Hamilton’s girlfriend, singer Nicole Scherzinger, later spoke to BBC News and declared that she was hugely proud of his achievements.

“I’m so happy for him. To me he is always the world champion and I’m just really proud of his dedication and his heart and his sacrifice this year and it’s really paid off.”

[Image via Teinteresa]