Protesters Gather At Levi’s Stadium Prior To Redskins-49ers Game

Before the Washington Redskins take on the San Francisco 49ers at Levi’s Stadium, they have to face the protestors that are outraged over their name.

According to a report from the San Francisco Chronicle, protestors gathered outside of Levi’s Stadium with signs that read “No honor in racism” and “I’m not your mascot.” Morning Star Gali, 35, was one of roughly 300 people who showed up to the stadium for the protest.

“When we are marginalized into cartoon images, we are not seen as human, and we are not going to stand for that.”

Andre Kramblit, 50, was also among the group of protestors at Levi’s Stadium.

“We’re the first people in this country. We should be treated with dignity. It hurts because (the name) reminds us of the past when there were bounties on the scalps of Indian people.”

Jacqueline Keeler of Portland, Oregon, was also at the protest outside of Levi’s Stadium. She mentioned that social media has helped spread awareness of the issue over the Redskins team name.

“The mascot stays because the NFL has a sense of entitlement to our identity. We would never use the ‘N word’ for a mascot but the ‘R word’ has become acceptable.”

Several Twitter hashtag campaigns have started over the Washington Redskins name, including #ChangeTheName and #NotYourMascot.

Richard Hale, a Redskins fan attending the game at Levi’s Stadium, felt the team should be able to keep the name.

“They should never change the name. If you start there, where is this going to end? You can’t be overly PC on everything.”

Levi’s Stadium is just the latest place in which a protest has occurred prior to the Redskins facing another football team. American Indian Movement-West Director Tony Gonzalez told the Sacramento Bee that the group had no intentions of stopping until something happens.

“We’re going to dog them in every city we can.”

In addition to the Washington Redskins facing a tough match at Levi’s Stadium, the Inquisitr previously reported that Sunday’s game could determine the future of Robert Griffin III. If Griffin’s performance doesn’t improve, Colt McCoy could take over his spot.

[Image credit: Matthew Roth via Flickr]