Colin Powell Says Tea Party Candidate Can’t Win Presidency

Former secretary of state Colin Powell said on Sunday that any candidates receiving the endorsement of the Tea Party will fail to win the presidency in 2012.

According to Powell:

“The Tea Party point of view of ‘no compromise whatsoever’ is not a point of view that will eventually produce a presidential candidate who will win.”

Powell goes on to note that the no-compromise Congress that we have in office today is not much better than Tea Party leaders while calling the feel of Capital hill “very tense.”

As Colin Powell points out:

“We have a Congress now that can’t even pass an appropriations bill.”

In his speech the Hill reports that Colin called for a return to the “political center” while blaming the media who loves “this game” of extreme left and extreme right reporting.

Powell says one of the biggest problems facing Americans today is media coverage of politics:

“We have to take some of the heat out of our political life in terms of the coverage of it.”

Speaking about the Tea Party and its failure to compromise Powell says:

“The Founding Fathers compromised on slavery … compromise is how this country was founded.

Powell isn’t the first Republican to speak out against the Tea Party although he is in a minority of the GOP who are willing to speak out against the party which has gained national exposure over the last 12 months.

Do you think a tea party member can successfully win the U.S. Presidency?

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