Holiday Nail Art: 3 Easy Ways To Make Your Fingers Pop At Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and if you are a nail art fanatic, you probably already have your holiday manicure planned. Those who only dabble in the world of nail art may still be struggling to finalize the perfect holiday look for your digits. Whether you are a bona fide nail art maven or just sticking your finger tips in the nail art waters, here are a few looks for your Turkey Day beauty pleasure.

Holiday faux manicure

Lifestyle blog recently showed off a style perfect for ladies with short nails who want to add a little more glamor and whimsy to their Thanksgiving nail art. Start off with a pack of Kiss and Broadway nails Press-On Manicure in “So, So stellar” on your fingernails and “Casting Call on your accent nail. Use colors from the KISS Galaxy Effects Kit to paint a turkey on your accent nail and feathers to tie the look together. Finish by using a dotting tool to add eyes to the turkey. The best part: there’s no need to use messy nail glue. Press-On manicures adhere directly to your natural nail, then peel off easily when you are ready for a change.

What's a holiday without a little sparkle?

If you like your holiday nail art effervescent, try a simple but dazzling nude and glitter combination. Start with a good base coat, then choose your favorite nude, brown, or neutral shade. When the color coats dry, take your nail art to the next level by brushing a complementary glitter polish over part or all of the nail. For a slight pop of sparkle, only use the glitter on your accent nail (usually your ring finger). If you want to be on the cutting edge of nail art trends, make it a glitter ombre. Just make paint multiple layers of the glitter nail polish on your nails, starting a bit further away from your nail bed each tip. To kick the holiday whimsy up a few notches, check out Cosmopolitan‘s Winter Nail Manicure with glitter triangles along the nail bed to make the sleek style more festive.

Finally, for those who like to walk on the dark side even during the holidays, try People Magazine’s dark twist on the classic french manicure. Begin by painting your nails with a single coat of red nail polish.

People likes Christian Louboutin’s red, but it comes with a $50 price tag. Fake it with a red from a drug store brand like the color “Jump In My Jumpsuit” by Essie. When the red is completely dry, layer on two coats of black nail polish, leaving a small crescent of red visible at the nail bed.

Reverse the colors if you want brighter nail art, or grab some tape to play with negative space manicures. No matter what you do, the combination of black and red will bring an air of dark elegance to your holiday ensemble.