Derek Jeter, Barack Obama Play Golf In Las Vegas, Who Came Out On Top?

Derek Jeter and Barack Obama played golf together while in Las Vegas over the weekend.

According to Reuters, the former New Yankees star and the President of the United States played at Shadow Creek Golf Club, which is an exclusive course that is owned by MGM Resorts International.

The duo were joined by Brian Greenspun, who owns the Las Vegas Sun, as well as Stephen Cloobeck, a Democratic donor and businessman.

The New York Daily News reported that the foursome took around five hours to play the 18-hole course. And they clearly had a good time because they then decided to partake in an additional nine holes after they had finished. Unfortunately, we don’t know who came out on top during their contest.

It’s also not known what Derek Jeter and Barack Obama talked about during their sporting encounter. Maybe Derek Jeter is contemplating a move into politics? Or did Barack Obama want some tips on how to enter the world of baseball after his political career comes to an end? It’s highly unlikely that either of these subjects were actually broached when the twosome met up. In fact, it’s more likely that the pair simply wanted to just chew the fat while they played a round of golf together.

Barack Obama has played golf on a frequent basis while he has been in office. Since he was elected, Obama has enjoyed over 200 rounds of golf. But it’s safe to say that his game with Derek Jeter will probably be the highlight of these efforts.

Golf Digest previously reported that Derek Jeter actually only had a handicap of 30. This is a rather mediocre total. This was back in 2006 though, so there is a chance that he has improved since then.

Barack Obama was in Las Vegas to deliver a speech at a high school in the city on Friday. His speech revolved around his new immigration policy. Barack Obama is expected to return to Washington and the White House on Sunday. It’s known if he enjoyed any gambling while he was in the city.

[Image via Coxrare]