5-Year-Old Boy Gets Special Visit From His Hero, Spiderdad [Video]

A 5-year-old boy named Jayden got a special surprise visit, not from Spiderman, but from Spiderdad. Jayden is fighting for his life against a grade four brain stem tumor, and may not have much time left. So his father decided to don the red Spidey outfit to make sure his son’s fifth birthday would be one to remember.

Calling himself Spiderdad, the man makes a leap from his roof onto the pavement — which actually looks quite painful, although Spiderdad doesn’t seem to have any problem with it. His two children are waiting below, and he seems to actually scare his daughter a bit with his entrance. But soon he starts talking to his son, and it all ends with a loving hug from Spiderdad.

The entire scene was filmed in secret using the GoPro 3+, according to YouTube. The video has received nearly seven million views since being uploaded on November 16.

Spiderdad has also set up a Facebook support page for Jayden, which can be found here.

Before more fathers start leaping off of roofs, it’s important to note that Spiderdad is actually a Parkour expert and had the outfit custom-made for Jayden’s birthday.

The son was diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) brain stem tumor, according to the Daily Mail. He was originally given only 12 months to live, but it’s already been 15 months and he’s still fighting on.

GBM strikes all age groups equally, unlike most cancers that become more common as people age. About 2,500 people die from GBM annually.

Hopefully Spiderdad’s efforts will not only be a great treat for his son, but will also raise awareness for this deadly disease.

[Image Credit: YouTube]