Awesome Teachers Use Sense Of Humor To Give Lasting Lessons [Photos]

Patricia Didelot

Teachers are awesome, there's no question about it and these examples show us that with a little sense of humor they can give lasting lessons, even when the outcome is not to the student's favor.

It's a tough job, nobody disputes that, however, teachers are some of the most underrated people. They do so much for their kids -- who they love selflessly -- but it usually goes unnoticed, for the most part.

Parents only hear things about their kids' teachers when something goes wrong. They usually don't hear the good things that happen in the classroom on a regular basis, or how the teacher is so awesome as to use a sense of humor in when they could just get angry due to frustration.

These examples of awesome teachers that make even their bad students have a chuckle are not to be ignored. Would you have the same response if your child came home with these grades? Let's take a look at some of the best photos we found at

If you're planning on cheating then you can at least get it right, "Next time you copy answers from your seatmate, ON THE RIGHT NUMBER!" this teachers writes on the 0 out of 10 test and adds, "cheaters never win!"

Copying answers

This kid has a reasonable answer to a question about Saturn's rings, but that was not the correct response, as this awesome teacher answer indicates.

Saturn rings

Using pop music as a teaching tool is never a bad idea, especially in Chemistry class. Check out this awesome Periodic Table chart. Do you recognize the song?

Periodic Table

This kid made a good effort, but failed miserably in this test, even though this awesome teacher didn't lose her sense of humor.


When a student cleverly made a drawing depicting a person with a gun threatening another on this "bonus" question, this teacher could have scolded them for being politically incorrect, but once again chose to have a sense of humor to make a point.

terrorists demands

A little ridicule never hurt anyone, when it's done in good taste and this amazing third grade teacher knows how to do it. Let's just say Justin Bieber is not as popular as we all thought.

Justin Bieber pencils

There is no reason to make a kid with a failing grade feel worse than he already does, is there?

you shall not pass

Not all teachers know when to stop, like this student realizes. Sometimes they are just creepy.

creepy sense of humor

These are just a few examples of how teachers rise above and beyond and use a sense of humor even when students clearly don't perform as they would like. Aren't they just awesome?

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