Worst Job Hunting Cities In American Revealed

While taking in the sun and surf of both Miami and Los Angeles might make living in those areas worth the overcrowding and high cost of living for many residents it can also be hard to etch out a decent paying job. A recent Indeed.com study has found that those two cities are the worst in America for finding work.

The job search engine compared federal unemployment records with their own job listings to determine that in Miami there is generally four job seekers for every single job listing posted. Meanwhile in Los Angeles numbers aren’t much better with 3.48 people competing for every single job posted on the website.

When you take into consideration that many of the jobs posted are from life insurance and work at home company’s that are typically avoided by many job seekers the number of positions available per person sinks even lower.

Indeed.com isn’t the first job site to perform similar analysis, SimplyHired also found Miami to be the worst destination to find a job however they found that their were eight unemployed people for each job listed on their website.

Rounding out the top five worst cities for finding a job were Riverside, California (3.25), Las Vegas, Nevada (3.1) and Detroit, Michigan (2.75).

It should be noted that the study is only based on the number of jobs posted compared to population and job seekers, for example Detroit has far less people searching for jobs and far less jobs available. In other words Miami has a more robust economy but also has far more people actually seeking employment based on what’s available.

Do any of these numbers surprise you? Which city do you think has a good job to job seeker rate?

[Image via ShutterStock.com]