I Am Alive creative director backpedals, says PC release still possible

Earlier this week, I Am Alive creative director Stanislas Mettra seemed pretty clear that a PC release of the title is unlikely, saying that he was aware of PC gamers “bitching” about no release on their platform, but that it wouldn’t be financially viable due to rampant piracy.

As it turns out, he apparently didn’t mean to come off as utterly dismissive of the PC gaming platform as a whole – Mettra sent a follow-up email to IncGamers in an attempt to clarify his stance on a PC release of I Am Alive.

He told IncGamers:

“I would really love to see a pc build of the game and I dont think I meant to say ‘the game won’t happen on pc’ it’s probably an English language miscommunication (I am not native English speaker).

“What I meant is that the pc version did not happen yet [sic]. But we are still working to see the feasibility of it, which is not necessarily simple. I gave some examples to illustrate the problematic [sic], but obviously it is not in my hands and not my part to talk about this.”

Mettra continued:

“Honestly, which game maker would not love his game to be playable on as many platforms and by as many people as possible? Regardless console or pc, what matters is the game and the pleasure people can get from it.”

Ubisoft totally didn’t make Mettra write this. Nope.

Source: IncGamers