WWE News: WWE Superstar Roman Reigns Set To Be At WWE Survivor Series Tonight?

In a major update, it appears that yet another name could be involved with WWE Survivor Series tonight. WWE Superstar Roman Reigns may be making his return to WWE on the program, this according to PWInsider. Reigns is set to be present at the event, but his role is unknown as of now. Reigns has been out due to hernia surgery for months.

Luckily, Reigns has been walking around and doing well in rehab, so he could be well enough to make a return of some sort. Originally, his return timetable was set to be in late December-early January. However, WWE could be having him present to potentially set something up for the TLC PPV or even the Royal Rumble. Reigns was set to take on Seth Rollins before he went down with an injury.

Sadly, due to the injury, Reigns had to cut his story short with his former Shield brother. So that rivalry could be picked up again, depending on what WWE wants to do with Randy Orton.

According to other sources, while Reigns will be at Survivor Series, he may not appear on camera. He might just be there to support everyone. However, it is a big night. Rumors of Sting making his debut are out there, and even the return of Randy Orton is a huge possibility. It has been confirmed that Reigns has been advertised locally for the TLC PPV, so with that being said, it would make sense for Reigns to make his return tonight to set something up for that.

WWE may not want to risk him getting hurt again, so we probably cannot expect them to put him in a match. So don’t automatically think that he will be part of Team Cena, as this is not likely. He could at least still appear on camera for some sort of face to face altercation.

WWE Survivor Series is free this month due to the WWE Network also being free for new subscribers. WWE has been trying to get fans interested in the network this month so they’d want to subscribe. Truthfully, the have done a great job with various original shows. NXT has also been great. On top of that, you get a $60 PPV for free. The Network being only $9.99 seems great. Economically, the deal helps WWE fans who are tired of forking over $60 per PPV, so WWE is doing good for their fans. Sadly, the UK has not felt the love yet, but should by the first of 2015.

At the end of the day, three big names could be at Survivor Series. With that said, it is surely a must-watch show if only for that. The added potential of a Dean Ambrose/Bray Wyatt match, along with Team Cena/Team Authority, could make the show one of the better PPVs of the year for WWE. If it ends up being great, chances are that WWE could get some added subscriptions from it. Expect WWE to pull out some surprises tonight.

[IMG Credit: Caq.fr]