‘Big Hero 6’ Stays Strong Among Box Office Also-Rans

Big Hero 6 is no longer the king of the box office, but that doesn’t mean it can’t occupy a very strong second place on this weekend’s box office. In all fairness to every movie that isn’t starring Jennifer Lawrence, it was going to be near impossible to knock the newest Hunger Games off its perch. That is, in fact, why no other new release came out this weekend to take on the first installment of Mockingjay.

While the movie has been plenty popular all on its own, it certainly helps Big Hero 6 that Dumb and Dumber To simply wasn’t all that popular in its second week in theaters. It appears that the movie made most of its bones thanks to the big names in the film, and once the appeal of watching Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels alongside each other again wore off, the movie turned out to not be that good. Forbes reports that Dumb and Dumber To straight crashed and burned when compared to its first week.

After debuting at $14.2 million, Carrey and Daniel’s newest opus managed to get just $4.3 million this Friday. Estimates have the film bringing in a grand total of $13.8 million this weekend, which is a drop off of about 68 percent from the weekend before. While Big Hero 6 also saw a decline in its previous Friday and opening Friday, the drop off wasn’t nearly as severe as what other also-ran and holdovers movies had to endure. The Disney animated movie, based on a somewhat obscure Marvel comic, brought in around $4.8 million this Friday, and should be making around $136 million over a 17-day period.

It needs to be said that the money Big Hero 6 is bringing in is quite a bit more impressive when you aren’t talking about pitting it against The Hunger Games. The $136 million estimate would make it the biggest animated non-Pixar film since Frozen did $164 million in its first three weeks. If there is one way to tell that Big Hero 6 has indeed insinuated itself into American hearts and minds, it’s that the film was recently put through the “unnecessary censorship” treatment. This means clips of the film are played with parts being dubbed out in a way that makes it look as though what’s being said was quite a bit creepier or more sinister than it really was.

When talking about Disney animated films, it seems as if most have been box office juggernauts. None more so than Frozen and its ridiculous run. While Big Hero 6 is likely not going to keep up with that movie, it seems like it will be able to hang with the other also-rans in the coming weekends.