'StarCraft 2' Championship Disqualifies Player Over Shocking Tweet

An upcoming StarCraft 2 championship is about to proceed without one of its veteran players. A regular, who goes by the online name Kas, has been disqualified for tweeting a message that competition host Fragbite Masters has deemed inappropriate.

Messages such as those made by Ukrainian player Mihaylo Hayda tend to be seen in un-moderated online games almost regularly. The fact that it was seen publicly on social media brought it to another level.

Hayda has been a regular in European StarCraft 2 competitions for years now, known as a master player with the Terran (human) race. He has held rankings among the top three several times and recently joined Cascade as a team captain.

The latest StarCraft 2 championship, Hayda, was involved in introducing a new female contender, whose gender has been a topic of debate among a dominantly male player base. Madeleine "MaddeLisk" Leander from Sweden has proven to be among the best, and when she saw what Mihaylo Hayda tweeted before their upcoming match, even she was shocked and horrified.

The notorious tweet said, "Going to rape some girl soon #fragbitemasters."

Fragbite Masters quickly replied with an online statement.

"First of all, I have to say that this is terrible. We will never stand for this kind of behaviour, and therefore a disqualification is highly appropriate. We need to show the players that these kinds of toxic acts have consequences. We have learned that the opponent in question has been dealt criticism for our penalty towards Kas, but we can assure you, this decision was made completely by the Fragbite Masters staff."

When Madeleine Leander saw the tweet, she made a blog statement about it (quote via Google translate).

"Should we allow this type of behavior in e-sport? Of course not. It is something that the organizers agree. They put their foot down and disqualified player. It is well I better clarify that this was not something I asked for. Fragbite sets the standard, I hope more operators will follow. They took a tough decision and I think it was the right decision. As Fragbite thanks! You did something very good today. You show that e-sports are serious and that whatever is not allowed."

Leander stated that she was shocked to see such a post from one of Europe's best StarCraft 2 players. As she also stated, Hayda quickly changed his mind and deleted the offending tweet, but it was too late. As she stated, "Kas" was disqualified from the StarCraft 2 championship.

Hayda's successive tweets afterward contained sincere apologies and an alleged death wish via the hashtag #wannakillmyself.

The disqualified player still has some fans among the remaining players though, and one even accused Leander of crying over the rape tweet. Though the language is still provocative, it wasn't enough to warrant further action.

Online competition can be fierce, but there are limits to what even the best of us can get away with. After Hayda's rape tweet got him disqualified from the StarCraft 2 championship next month, hopefully it will serve as an example to other players of what not to do.

[Image via Game Photon StarCraft 2]