Big Sean And Ariana Grande Take Their Relationship To The Next Level Via Instagram

Michael Dolce

Big Sean and Ariana Grande have taken their PDA to a whole new level following a new Instagram post from the 26-year old rapper.

According to Billboard Magazine, Big Sean posted photos taken backstage at the taping for CBS' A Very Grammy Christmas on November 18. to his Instagram account yesterday featuring Ariana in a striking red dress. The two-panel shot finds Big Sean wrapping his arms firmly around his girlfriend while Grande delivers an innocent kiss on the cheek.

The second panel features a more lusty pose from the couple with Ariana's leg raised underneath Sean's tight grip and the pair kissing quite provocatively for all the Internet to see. The caption underneath reads a sweet "Me n my Ari."

I'm so pro Big Sean & Ariana Grande that I want to be their child

— Courtney Phillip (@CourtneyNP) November 23, 2014

Not to be undone, Grande took to her Twitter account to respond by affectionately quoting her own lyrics from the song "Lovin' It." The lyrics included, "Boy u got all my all my... love n affection, all my attention, u don't gotta question." She also followed it up with a second tweet that continues, "Baby dontcha know u got all my love all my love."

boy u got all my all my.... love n affection, all my attention, u don't gotta question

— Ariana Grande (@ArianaGrande) November 22, 2014

baby dontcha know u got all my love all my love

— Ariana Grande (@ArianaGrande) November 22, 2014

If that's not enough, Hollywood Life is reporting that "Ariana's next single will be her romantic duet with Big Sean. The singer will release 'Best Mistake' with Big Sean in the near future. The couple is going to show off the song at the A Very Grammy Christmas special."

Big Sean, whose real name is Sean Anderson, and Ariana have been linked together ever since he contributed to Grande's second album My Everything. They only recently made their coupling official, and since then have been quite open about their relationship in public. As reported by Inquistr, Big Sean and Ariana even enjoy a deep spiritual side to their relationship, thanks to Sean's interest in Deepak Chopra.

According to another article on Hollywood Life, Sean "gave Ariana a bunch of books by Deepak so now she's studying that too. They're both studying Kabbalah together too and Sean's teaching Ariana how to meditate. He calms her down, since they've been together she's so much more balanced, she looks up to him."

[Ariana Grande/Big Sean photo via US Weekly]