New Star Wars: The Old Republic trailer shows us the Jedi Consular [Video]

Assuming you aren’t stuck in ridiculously long queue times, the majority of you interested in Star Wars: The Old Republic probably dived straight into the beta today, so you’re probably too busy actually playing the game to watch this latest trailer.

For the rest of us, we can sit back and imagine what it must be like to play a Jedi Consular, as EA and BioWare released a new video today that shows the class progression for the Jedi’s Consular class, with plenty of gameplay throughout.

The video takes us through bits of gameplay involving the base Consular class and its various subclasses including the “Shadow” and “Sage” paths. The class bears some resemblance with the Sith Inquisitor with the Shadow class, but with Sage the class starts to get force-heavy, with a specialization in defense and healing.

Check out the Jedi Consular and its subclasses in action below.