BitTorrent defense attorney changes mind and becomes copyright troll

Mike Meier, a DC defense attorney, was once considered a champion of BitTorrent users rights and was even on the list of lawyers recommended by the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s web site. He also wasn’t shy about calling out copyright holders and their “extortion racket” as he called it.

Well it seems that Mike has decided to cross over into the dark side in a big way joining other copyright troll lawyers who are suing anyone they can when it comes to suspected copyright infringement. I say suspected because no-one yet has come up with an absolutely foolproof way to identify infringers by their IP addresses.

So far Meier has sued more than 1,000 BitTorrent users, or at least that is what he proudly boast on his site. As you can see from the top image prior to his conversion Meier was on the side of the consumer but now his web site advertises about how he can help you accept your punishment and pay up.

This from the man who once said in an interview that it was his opinion that copyright trolls were just the bill collectors for the movie industry and that they were just extorting money.

I guess fighting on the side of “right” doesn’t pay as well eh.

via TorrentFreak