Jamie Kennedy Continues To Straddle The Line Between Comedy And Horror Genres

Jamie Kennedy came up with an incredible plan to break into Hollywood when he was still a teenager.

The comedian developed a persona known as “Marty Power,” a fake agent meant to catch the attention of Hollywood managers and help him find his big break. And even more amazingly, it worked.

The fake agent helped Jamie Kennedy land a number of small gigs, eventually culminating with his big break in the Scream movie series.

Kennedy’s big break has also become a benchmark of his career. His jobs have straddled the line between the comedy and horror genres, and the next year is a perfect example.

Jamie Kennedy currently has five projects in various stages of production — one comedy and four horror/thrillers. They range from Tremors 5: Bloodline, the latest installation of the campy horror genre (and a straight-to-video release) to Walk of Fame, a comedy where he stars opposite Scott Eastwood and Chris Kattan.

Kennedy has tried his hand at other areas of the entertainment industry, from a successful television stint on Ghost Whisperer, to an ambitious project called Oh Sit!

“Oh Sit! is basically musical chairs on crack,” Kennedy said of the project, which ultimately ran for two seasons on The CW. “It’s musical chairs meets a Japanese game show meets Wipe Out meets inter-sexual contestants … meaning men and women are competing against each other. It’s the only show that does it. There’s comedy [and] a lot of laughs. It has accidents and straight music. That’s basically what it is.”

Kennedy said his heart has always been closest to comedy, however. In an interview with CliqueClak, Jamie said his aspirations for comedy date back to his teenage years.

“Since I was about fifteen. I was sixteen and I used to work at Domino’s Pizza, and sometimes I wasn’t really good at getting the pizza there on time and my boss was always hollering at me. He was always like, ‘You think you’re gonna play around! Do something funny! Be comedian! If you want to be funny, go be funny somewhere else — not as pizza chef!’ I thought, ‘Oh, okay. Maybe I should do that.’ I wasn’t good at pizza delivery.”

But Jamie Kennedy is quite good at comedy — and horror as well. Fans will get a chance to see him in both genres over the next year.

[Image courtesy of thelab-nyc.com]