Sam Smith Has A Skin Condition And Really Wants A Baby

“Stay With Me” singer Sam Smith has come to be known as one of the most outspoken pop artists. After declaring to the world that he is gay, Smith also shared that the songs on his debut studio album In The Lonely Hour were inspired by a man he once loved.

Now, Smith’s latest shot at being totally honest with the world came this week in an interview with Us Magazine. Smith revealed 25 things people may not know about him, including the fact that he really wants to have a baby one day, and has the skin condition known as rosacea (an acne-like skin condition characterized by facial redness and sometimes pimples).

Twenty-two-year-old Sam Smith also revealed to Us Magazine that he used to work in a nursery, had his first kiss when he was 14 and said he believes in ghosts.

Smith, who has been viewed by some as one who constantly over-shares aspects of his life, recently released a video of himself rapping in a bathtub at age 4. According to an Inquisitr report, the video accumulated almost 43,000 likes and 2,190 comments.

But Smith feels quite comfortable being outspoken, and said he speaks freely because he feels no pressure to live up to anything.

“I say what I think, act how I want to act, post what I want to post… and from all the nightmares you hear about the industry from a young age, I never thought that would be the case.”

Smith has been having a successful year especially since the release of In The Lonely Hour in May. According to Music times, after finding massive success with “Stay With Me,” Sam Smith returns to the Billboard top 10 with his latest single “I’m Not The Only One,” which rose from Number 11 to Number 9.

Despite his success, the outspoken Smith has remained quite humble. According to News Online, while performing at the VMA Awards this year, Smith was summoned to Beyonce’s dressing room by Queen Beyonce herself. He was quite ecstatic about the summoning and said he felt like he can die happy.

“She is literally one of my biggest idols. For her to say that about my singing voice is just mental. It makes me want to work harder on my voice, train more and just get better and better.”

According to OUT Magazine, Smith was doing quite well even before the release of In The Lonely Hour. He’d already scored three number 1 singles in the U.K., topped the BBC’s Sound of 2014 poll, and had already won the 2014 BRIT Critics’ Choice Award. Now Sam Smith is being called 2014’s “Breakout Pop Artist” by many.

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