McDonald’s Man Ran Over By Hit And Run Driver In NY Drive-Thru

Police are looking for a hit and run driver who ran over a man at a New York McDonald’s fast food restaurant early Saturday. Witnesses say a driver of a mid-size car struck the pedestrian in the drive-thru line, and instead of stopping to render aid to the injured man, the motorist grabbed their food from the Micky D’s pickup window and sped off in the Queens neighborhood.

One man is in serious condition and is in a fight for his life after the early morning incident. Apparently, a driver of a White Nissan Altima was ordering food at the McDonald’s restaurant on Merrick Boulevard, which is located in the Laurelton community. At the same time, a man on foot was leaning on random vehicles suddenly lost his balance and fell to the pavement.

Jonathan Brown, 18, the manager on duty at the location, witnessed the victim fall. He placed a 911 emergency call because the man appeared motionless. Initially, the MOD thought he was dead. About 30 seconds later, a driver ran over the man, backed up, but proceeded to the drive-thru window. He grabbed his food and drove away from the McDonald’s unit.

“The guy, I think he was drunk, was in the drive-thru leaning on a car randomly. Then he fell and I thought he was dead so I called the cops. Thirty seconds later a car came and just hit him. Then the car backed up and drove around him and picked up his food.”

Brown explained the disturbing scene when he saw the McDonald’s man run over by the driver. It’s his belief the victim appeared intoxicated, but police have not confirmed if the man was lucid or impaired at the time he was struck.

“It’s ridiculous to have to see that! I’m traumatized. You didn’t see him run over his head and the guy was trying to get up with the car still on top of him.”

Another witness said the alleged hit and run driver didn’t appear to have seen the pedestrian at the time he ran over him. Some readers even suggest he thought the impact was a speed bump or object — not a human being.

The victim who was run over at the McDonald’s was rushed to a nearby hospital in Jamaica Queens. As of this writing, sources say the case is still being investigated. Furthermore, it’s not clear if a license plate number or surveillance footage were obtained.

[Image via: Daily Mail]