Watch What These Canadians Do When The Microphone Goes Out During ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ [Video]

Fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs did much more than cheer their team on during Tuesday night’s game against the Predators. As a matter of fact, they kicked things off a bit different before the game even started.

Apparently, there was a microphone malfunction, so when the woman stepped up to begin singing her rendition of the “The Star-Spangled Banner,” no one could hear any of the words. Embarrassing, right? Well, things didn’t go exactly as most would have assumed. Instead of the ordeal being a comical mishap, fans picked up where the singer left off, joining in to finish the song.

The heartwarming video was uploaded to YouTube on November 19, and has since gone viral. With more than 2 million views and over 10,000 likes, the video has circulated around Facebook, Twitter, and LiveLeak.

Most viewers were simply elated that so many Canadians actually knew the words to “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

“It’s a really sad realization that most Canadians know the lyrics to our national anthem while a good amount of Americans can’t even tell you what the name of the anthem is,” one viewer said.


The moment was quite touching, but unfortunately, the rest of the night didn’t go very well for the Maple Leafs. They were nearly wiped out by the Predators with a 9-2 loss. But, nevertheless, they probably have the best hockey fans in the league.