TNA News: TNA Wrestling Expected To Go Through Major Overhaul In 2015

As we have all heard by now, TNA has signed with Discovery Communications’ Destination America Network. Impact Wrestling will be on the network in 2015, however, it won’t be the Impact Wrestling we know now. TNA has gone through overhauls before. The last big repackaging of the product was a few years ago, when they changed the show’s name to Impact Wrestling from TNA iMPACT.

The move was originally panned by many. Early on, many were upset about it, as they spent years developing the TNA name only for it to be changed to another name. TNA has since gone back to referring to themselves as TNA, but their only show remains as Impact Wrestling.

Destination America executives were recently at TNA headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee. They were there to discuss ideas and concepts of integrating TNA into their network. Currently, there are plans to reboot TNA, though it would be similar to a wrestler being repackaged and coming back a bit different. Will this be a Husky Harris to Bray Wyatt difference? That is up for debate.

TNA is expected to remain at two hours, so they are not losing any time or adding too much to their weekly show. TNA is planning to shoot episodes somewhere in the Midwest in December. They will use these shows to debut the new TNA to Destination America at some point in January. Sadly, no official date on their debut has been announced just yet.

Many wonder why TNA signed with Destination America, which makes a lot of sense. They actually had discussions with FOX, WGN, and CMT. FOX and CMT didn’t seem to fit. Global Force Wrestling was the potential reason for CMT’s dismissal. Meanwhile, FOX has had interest in adding pro-wrestling in the past, however, they couldn’t seem to come to an agreement with them either.

Destination America

WGN was the potential big fish that TNA was trying to land, and sort of did. They actually had good discussions with WGN, however, they fizzled out when WGN wanted to debut TNA in the second quarter of 2015. TNA didn’t like the risk of being off the air for that long, so they passed on the deal.

Destination America opened up a lot of possibilities for them, which was the big draw to them and the Discovery Communications brand. TNA will be able to do more than than their normal one show with them. Destination America will be airing “TNA One Night Only” specials, potentially live. This might be something TNA does for a PPV type feel. They may also be able to add other weekly shows in the future.

TNA felt that Destination America would treat them as an important part of the network. They didn’t like the feeling Spike TV gave them, as they seemed not to care about TNA and stopped promoting them a long time ago. Negotiations with Spike in regards to staying with them ended nearly a month ago.

TNA will be off TV in Canada for the time being. The company is said to be working on a Canadian TV deal, but the main concern was an American television contract.

TNA is now focused on signing new talent, which is why we might be hearing of TNA’s interest in major names and even some bigger name Independent stars.

As mentioned, TNA is expected to do a huge overhaul. PWInsider reports that Josh Mathews has been tasked to overhaul the TNA website. A new logo and design are in the works for that, which could lead into TV. TNA is expected to change their entire creative direction for the company and a re-working from the inside out is expected to occur. What that includes is currently unknown. However, the fact that TNA will be addressing their issues and potentially fixing them is a good thing.

While TNA will likely not tour a lot for a while, they will be going to towns off and on and taping shows there. It is possible that they may go to different places for live specials.

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